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Social Media and Content Marketing Executive


  • In-Depth knowledge about prominent Social Media channels and Content Curation therein.
  • Clued up on Personal Branding and Online Presence Management.
  • Attuned to Content-Driven Marketing in Social Media domain.
  • Knowledge of latest trends, technologies and developments in web & Social Media space.
  • Expertise in managing and developing Social Persona.
  • Excellent written skills in English language.
  • Adept at developing creative presentations & infographics for Social Media.
  • Ability to articulate ideas in story form.
  • Experience in Social analytics tools and Social Media management platforms.


Responsibilities and Job Description:

  • Collaborate to create top-notch content for Social Media to drive user engagement.
  • Develop and execute Social Media Marketing strategies.
  • Augment Content Marketing strategy to improve web & Social Media outreach.
  • Improve strategic efforts by continuously analyzing website & social traffic statistics.
  • Create, curate, and manage content for the website and Social Media channels.
  • Focus on increasing engagement with content and deepening social interactions.
  • Develop new ways of using social platforms so as to enhance interaction with a large audience.
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